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The Dream Teacher's multi-dimensional composition is reminiscent of the writing of John Fowles in his novel Daniel Martin. With different voices telling their part of the story, Rob Mohr's reflective writing weaves an intriguing tale of human transformation and love in a time of turmoil.


The story unfolds amid historical events in Bolivia and the United States. Marcus Stewart, who enables self-help programs for marginalized communities returns to Bolivia the day before an army Colonel, Hugo Banzer, overthrows the elected government. As a result of his progressive approach, Stewart is designated a communist and targeted by the new government for arrest and execution.


Trapped by circumstances, Stewart seeks assistance from Maria Helena Vazquez his program coordinator in Bolivia. Banzer's hunters, aided by the US CIA and regional Drug Lords, stand in sharp contrast to Stewart and his friends who utilize their extensive knowledge of Latin American history and culture to stay alive. This complex world in conflict is vividly animated through the multiple voices of well-developed characters whom the oppressive state created by Banzer impacts. On a collision course, individuals on each side of the conflict move toward the novel's dramatic climax.

You are entering a world of creativity - one where the magic of words will expand your understanding of what it means to be human.


My writing focuses on creatively enabling the reader to enter dimensions and understandings that will enrich their life and their reading experience.

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