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About The Dream Teacher

This novel is literature comprising history, fiction, culture, social justice, and a tale of love in a lost land. Set in Bolivia, the story takes place at a critical moment in the history of South America. With funding and support from the US CIA and regional Drug Lords, the legally elected government of Bolivia is overthrown by a Colonel of German descent, who systematically restricts the mobility of well-educated Bolivians and progressives. Over two thousand progressive thinkers disappear within the first year of the Colonel's rule.

Reviews of The Dream Teacher

        The Dream Teacher is a sweeping novel populated with well-developed characters from every stratum of Bolivian society. Men and women engage one another in a dance with death as their enlightened nation falls into the hands of a ruthless dictator. Within this context, creative understanding coupled with compassion forcefully confronts the destructive forces of human greed. As the world crumbles around the protagonist, unexpected love weaves through the fabric of the novel, offering a promise of new life. The Dream Teacher provides a stunning choice for humanity as communal magic works its way through this powerful novel.

Mel Goldberg, Author of Catch a Killer, Save the world.

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