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Reality - Every stage of my life has been a creative encounter with humanity's history, dreams, and life forms. I have lived with a great need to discover and learn everything possible about the universe we find ourselves in. I loved exploring the physical world and studying human history as a youth. In college, my love of history continued, but with the addition of the arts and architecture. I ran the mile as a member of the university track team and learned to fly various airplanes in my spare time. In everything I encountered, there seemed to be no satisfactory limits.


Rob Mohr is a writer, artist, journalist, and nonformal educator who utilizes the arts to structure his teaching. He has earned an MFA, and a Doctorate in Spirituality and taught fine arts at Cincinnati University, the University of South Carolina, and the University of North Carolina. Maya studies and Art History have been a lifelong focus. He lived and worked in Latin America for 26 years, enabling the self-actuated development of marginalized, indigenous communities. Writing fiction novels (literature), and exploring new understandings of human life, are now his full-time work.


Rob Mohr - Author -

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